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Top Notch Quality Floors Using Only THE Best Brands

Top Notch Quality Floors Using Only THE Best Brands

Epoxy Flooring Sydney ensures top notch quality floors by using only the best brands in the market. We always ensure to deliver innovative flooring solutions to satisfy your flooring needs.

The quality of products we use is important because we always aim to provide only the finest flooring services. Each product has their own appropriate usage and purposes. Nowadays, there are many new products that companies offer in the market, but the following are the only best brands we trust to help us fulfill our commitment to giving you top notch quality flooring solution.


Sika is among today’s leading global player in chemical and construction chemicals and industrial materials. It is a Swiss company founded in 1910 by Kaspar Winkle. His first inventions were agents to protect granite and a mortar waterproofing agent called Sika. The company started small, though they have gone through difficulties during World War I. It was until in 1918 when The Swiss Federal Railways ran successful trials using Sika to waterproof the tunnels of the Gotthard section. The following years, 67 more tunnels are waterproofed by the Swiss National Railways using Sika. Since then, Sika has been making its name known in the chemical and construction industry around the world. Today, the company has fully owned subsidiaries in 98 countries.

In 1976, Sika Australia was founded in 1976 as a member of the Sika Group of companies. It was mainly a trading company sourcing finished products from sister companies overseas and marketing it throughout the country.

Sika offers wide range of products that help us deliver satisfying results in our projects. Epoxy Flooring Sydney uses the following Sika products:

  • Sika resin
    1. Sika epoxy solution
    2. Sika moisture barrier

All said products are essential to almost every flooring solution Epoxy Flooring Sydney offers. It is used in the following flooring systems:

  • Epoxy Flooring System
  • Polyurethane Floor Systems
  • Polyurethane/Cement Floor Systems

These flooring systems offer long-lasting protection to your floors. They have a variety of commercial and industrial applications, contact us, the best flooring specialist in Sydney, to know which best suits your floor.

Dulux Protective Coatings


Dulux Protective Coatings offers quality protective coatings. They’re leading the industry, having extensive product range, and making long term solutions happen. With their practical and cost-effective systems, Dulux have been around for 80 years servicing Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, and Fiji.

Epoxy Flooring Sydney only wants the best for your flooring needs and we trust the following Dulux products to deliver innovative solutions:

Dulux Durebild STE
  • Dulux Durebild® STE is versatile, two-pack, high solids surface tolerant epoxy that can be applied in TWO easy ways:
  • By spray in shop
  • By brush and roller on site

This product is an excellent tie-coat over previously painted surfaces, as an adhesion-promoting primer over difficult surfaces, or as a spot-primer and intermediate coat over power tool cleaned steel and galvanized steel.

Dulux Luxafloor LGE
  • Dulux Luxafloor® LGE is a high solid, semi-gloss epoxy floor coating with excellent durability and chemical resistance against a range of solvents. And what we love about this product is that it offers a wide range of colours from its Luxafloor Colour Chart and from the Dulux World of Colour®.
Dulux Luxafloor Eco2
  • Dulux Luxafloor® ECO2® is a low build, water borne, two pack epoxy floor coating that provides a hardwearing surface. This product is great to use in areas subject to foot traffic. There’s also a range of factory made and tinted colours and clear options available. It is also possible to be applied as a slip resistant finish just by adding Luxafloor® Aggregates.
Dulux Luxafloor PTX
  • Dulux Luxafloor® PTX is a high performance, high build recoatable polyurethane floor coating that exhibits excellent gloss and colour retention under extreme UV exposure. Like Luxafloor® LGE, this one also has a wide range of colours from its Luxafloor Colour Chart and from the Dulux World of Colour®.Dulux Roadmaster® is a range of road marking coatings formulated for fast dry and high visibility. These products are suitable for both concrete and bitumen surfaces. Applying Dulux Roadmaster® increases safety on roads and other areas. There are two types under this product line:
Roadmaster A1
  • Roadmaster® A1 is labelled as a chlorinated rubber/alkyd road marking paint. It is a single pack, fast dry road marking paint. It doesn’t bleed upon application on either concrete or bitumen surfaces. Dispersing suitable glass beads while it is still wet will improve night visibility of this product once it dries.
Roadmaster WB2
  • Roadmaster® WB2 is a rapid drying water borne road marking paint. It is based on durable acrylic emulsion and can be perfectly applied to concrete and bitumen surfaces without any worries. There will be no bleeding or discolouration as well. As the product is water borne, it is much easier and safer to apply.
Haymes Paint

Haymes Paint

Dubbed as ‘Australia’s first family of paint,’ Haymes Paint all started in Ballarat, Victoria. Thomas Jefferson Haymes opened a painting contracting business and hardware and electrical supplies store in 1890. His son, Henry Haymes, is more interested in making things and wanted to create products instead of just selling them. He registered his own company after completing studies abroad, and of course the rest is history.

Haymes Paint is a well-established paint company with more than 80 colourful years on its track. It’s proudly a family run business, with the fourth generation of the Haymes taking over the operations.

At Epoxy Flooring Sydney, we trust the following products to improve your floors:

  • Haymes epoxy
    1. Haymes water base epoxy
Haymes Ultimate two pack epoxy

Their industrial and protective coatings are mainly designed to be used on concrete floors. Its multi-functional coating system protects and enhances tilt slabs, steel, slate, and other substrates. Haymes Paint offer a large range of colours as well as clear. Ideally, this product is suited for both commercial and industrial spaces, even on heavy duty and high traffic areas.



Parchem is a leading manufacturer of innovative and decorative concrete products in Australia. The company’s origin traces back to 1958 when Expandite-Rawplug Australia was created in Sydney, specialising in manufacturing of sealants and jointing products. It was just in 2006 when after a series of acquisitions through the years, the company was named Parchem Construction Supplies Pty Ltd, or simply Parchem.

They offer wide range of products and solutions supporting the concrete and construction industry in Australia. From concrete floor repair needs to anti-slip grains, they’ve got you covered. As the best flooring specialist in Sydney, we proudly use the following Parchem products to deliver only quality work onto your floors:

  • Parchem epoxy
Parchem Nitoflor FC150
  • Avista water-based epoxy
    1. Polyurethane 2 packs
    2. Single pack Polyurethane

All Parchem construction products are technically advanced, making sure to continually build and improve their products to achieve the best in products innovation.

Hychem Construction Resins


Hychem is an established company Australian since 1987. They supply the construction industry with range of chemical systems specially used for grouting, repair, coating, protection and waterproofing of concrete and masonry surfaces. The epoxy flooring market is Hychem’s initial focus, but through time they managed to accommodate other sectors as well. They have evolved over time and continues to improve in providing innovative products.

Hychem SF32
  • Hychem SF32 is a two-component epoxy coating that is solventless and provides excellent long-term resistance to variety of corrosive chemicals. It is less sensitive to early water spotting and to amine blooming and blushing thanks to its unique formulation. This product from Hychem is ideal for industrial projects and in the food and beverage and manufacturing industries. Take note that Hychem SF32 is not recommended for exposure to hot oils and fats.Hychem polyurethane products cover wide range of uses and application, depending on where it is ideally used for. The coatings are tough but flexible, pigmented, chemical and stain resistant, wear-resistant, and durable.

Hychem is committed into continuing to push the market standards forward, developing a range of products that satisfies every market need.

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